During Root Canal Treatment which is a Restorative Dental procedure in which the damaged and diseased pulp is removed and the inner part consisting of narrow channels in the pulp chamber are filled with flexible nickel titanium files. If the removed infection persists and grows back then an Apicoectomy may be needed to remove the infected tissue. Root canal Treatment is a very complex procedure involving treatment to many narrow channels linked to main channels. Some infection may be left out during the actual procedure and this may result in infection growing back after the healing process is complete.

An Apicoectomy also called as Endodontic microsurgery is only done after a root canal treatment and retreatment. Usually after the root canal treatment if the infection grows back, our dentists suggest to go for a retreatment of root canal to avoid this endodontic surgery. With the help of latest advancements in technology we can detect the narrow channels in which the infection is housed. But drilling through the crown and bridge to reach the channel may damage the crown. In such cases Apicoectomy is considered to be the best possible procedure.

Before the procedure our dentists examine the intensity of damage and with the help of X-rays, they determine the location of the infection. Antimicrobial rinse is given along with medication to reduce the inflammation. Our expert anaesthesiologist administers anaesthesia as prescribed by our expert Endodontist.

Our expert Endodontists and Maxillofacial surgeons at URS Dental will make an incision in the gum tissue to gain the access of the root. The infected channels are accessed and are removed along with a small part of root tip. With the use of dye the damaged root and canals are identified and are fixed. At URS Dental we make sure that the entire procedure is painless and utmost care is provided until the completion of healing process.

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