Dental Fillings


A dental filling is a restorative dentistry procedure involving the use of composite, porcelain and metal amalgam to repair minimal tooth fractures, tooth decay and any other damaged surfaces on the tooth. Dental Fillings at URS Dental is usually a single sitting procedure with the help of advanced techniques. With the help of our FDA approved products we tend to repair the damaged part of tooth.

Tooth decay is one of the most prominent dental disorder observed. Based on the location of decay, biting force, durability, aesthetic needs and your preferences our expert dentists determine the best filling option which may include composite bonding, amalgam, inlays/onlays customised for you. At URS Dental we only use FDA approved composite materials for fillings. Depending on the preference of client we also use silver and gold amalgams to cover the cavity and produce an aesthetic appearance.

At URS Dental our expert dentists prepare the tooth for filling by prepping the tooth containing a decay and its surrounding area. The decay is then removed using a drill or laser and the area is cleansed of any bacteria or debris. The damaged tooth is isolated from the rest using a rubber dam to prevent any moisture content coming in contact with the damaged tooth during the procedure. The decay is filled with our FDA approved composite material which is selected in such a way that it matches the natural colour of teeth. A special bonding light is used to harden the composite material before polishing is done.

After the cavity is filled you will be advised with the necessary care and precautions needed for the fillings to last for a long period of time. By keeping regular appointments with our expert dentist and getting your oral hygiene checked up further occurrence of cavities can be eliminated. Diet plays an important role in oral as well as overall health. Avoiding the consumption of sugar and concentrated sugar substances the occurrence of cavities can be minimised.

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