Fixed teeth in a Day


This advanced dental procedure is best suited for you if you are living with uncomfortable dentures, lose or missing teeth, or struggling with a failed crown or bridge. This procedure has a varied nomenclature like Same Day Teeth, All on Four. In this advanced technique whole arch of missing teeth is replaced with dental implants in a single visit. As the name All on Four suggests a minimum of four dental implants are strategically placed over which full arch of replacement teeth are attached.

You can have the full arch of replacement teeth fitted in the same day as implants, which remain in the strategically placed position and fuse with the jaw bone. A definitive and permanent set of teeth will be placed on the implants by replacing the temporary arch in a period of three to six months. Number of implants used may vary depending on the needs of the patient.

This Same day teeth technique offers an immediate solution to patients with tooth loss and failing teeth without disrupting their day to day activities. The first set of temporary teeth are designed to help speed up the healing process of the implants and also to facilitate the patients to get rid of their dentures and eat. This technique avoids the need for bone grafting if there is sufficient availability of bone in your jaw.

At URS Dental on the day of procedure, any teeth with poor prognosis is removed and a minimum of four dental implants are strategically placed with the help of a CBCT scan. You are administered by an anaesthesiologist throughout this procedure to make the procedure painless and more convenient to you. After the installation of implants, impressions are taken and with the help of these impressions our designers carefully craft your teeth to suit your requirements aesthetically. A few hours later this custom-made tooth are attached to the implants and you can resume your functions. This provisional restoration done at URS Dental will look completely natural. After the suggested healing period typically three to six months, this temporary arch will be replaced by more permanent teeth.

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Minimal Irritation

Only One visit