Pediatric Dentistry/ Child Dentistry


Children are not immune to oral health problems. Healthy teeth play a vital role in child’s overall health and development. Often considered as paediatricians of dentistry, our expert pediatric dentists are specialised in providing comprehensive preventive care and therapeutic oral health care needs of children. Although baby’s primary teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, oral health of the baby teeth is the fundamental for overall health of the baby.

Early examination and preventive care help to maintain your child’s oral health. During the first visit to URS Dental, our expert pediatric dentist will make a careful examination of your child’s teeth. A comprehensive prevention plan is devised based on the observations made to prevent any oral health problems. Apart from this, we also present you with:

  • A complete oral health care home plan that is specially designed based on the data from the examination. This custom plan helps you to get accustomed to a healthy care regimen that helps you to prevent cavities.
  • Brushing and flossing instructions and appropriate product recommendations that suit you and helps you to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Appropriate dietary information, so as to educate you about the adverse effects of excessive sugar consumption.
  • Appropriate preventive suggestions to safeguard you from any injuries to mouth and teeth.
  • Complete information regarding the growth and development of new teeth.

To provide uninterrupted treatment to infants, children and people with special needs we employ a technique called sedation dentistry. As a part of this technique, under the auspices of an expert anaesthesiologist we sedate the patient to facilitate painless and uninterrupted treatment. At URS Dental we use most advanced and sophisticated techniques in sedation dentistry like:

  • Sedation through oral medication
  • Use of local anaesthetics
  • Use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • General anaesthesia

At URS Dental we take special care for your child. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff attend children with utmost priority. Our ergonomically designed suites offer child centric environment and all the treatments for your child can be arranged to be done in parents’ presence.

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