Root Canal Treatment


Crowns are tooth restorations that are used to protect a cracked or chipped tooth and restore the functionality. The custom designed crown is used to encase the damaged tooth to protect it from further damage. At URS Dental our expert team of dentists will examine the tooth condition and devise a plan with your suggestions in consideration. The whole treatment plan is discussed including the need for the crown, any possible alternatives and also the type of anaesthesia your body supports.

After the decisive planning your tooth may be grinded so that the crown can be encased over damaged tooth with ease. We take an impression of your teeth and fabricate a crown based on the mould data so that the new crown would not interfere with the functions. Then the crown will be milled onto the damaged tooth and this can be seen with the help of our chairside CAM.

Bridges serve the purpose of replacing missing teeth. One or more missing teeth can affect your day to day activities as well as your smile adversely. Also missing tooth can cause a change in occlusion, speech impediments and many more challenges. These can be overcome with the help of bridges. As the name suggests Bridges are used to bridge the gap between two existing teeth. There are mainly two different kinds of procedures involved with bridges.

The Conventional and Cantilever bridges require shaping of adjacent tooth of the gap, so that crowns can be encased onto them. These crowns sandwich the artificial tooth which will be placed in the gap.  Alternatively, a Resin-bonded Bridge doesn’t require shaping of adjacent teeth. If the gums are healthy and there are no issues with the adjacent teeth, this bridge can be installed within the gap. This type of procedure is generally used for frontal teeth.

At URS Dental, after a careful examination of your teeth by our expert team of dentists, the gum health and other adjacent teeth issues if any are determined. This data is used to plan the exact procedure required to eliminate the gap. An impression is taken and a custom bridge is fabricated to match the gap and colour tone of your teeth. In the second sitting this bridge is installed with utmost care using sophisticated equipment. After the completion of procedure our expert team provide you with the required maintenance instructions.

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