Tooth Extraction


Tooth Extraction is one of the most dreaded procedures. This exodontia procedure involves pulling out a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone after severing the link. We at URS Dental try in every possible way to make this dreadful experience a pleasant one. Before the decision of extraction of tooth our expert dentists will examine all possible ways to repair and restore the tooth so that we can avoid extraction.

Tooth extraction is prescribed for teeth that are damaged beyond repair. The most common reasons leading to tooth extraction are:

  • Severe Tooth Damage: Some tooth may have extensive decay and get damaged in such a way that repair is not possible. Teeth that are affected with advanced gum diseases needs to be pulled. If the link between socket and jaw bone weakens due to trauma, the tooth loosens from the joint leaving no other option but extraction.
  • Malpositioned teeth: Teeth causing negative impact on your oral health and teeth that are malalligned and useless need to be extracted. Teeth that have no opposing teeth to bite against are deemed useless.
  • Orthodontic Treatments: Some orthodontic treatments such as braces may require removal of one or more teeth to aid in rearrangement. To make space for the new alignment one or more tooth may be extracted.
  • Extra Teeth: Supernumery teeth that block other teeth from erupting may be extracted to facilitate the eruption of new teeth.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal: Wisdom teeth or third molars are prone to problems during the course of eruption. Since they are the last tooth to erupt there will be complications due to limited space remaining. Due to this space constraint wisdom tooth may erupt sideways or erupt partially leading to pain, infection, gumline and facial swelling.

Tooth Extractions can be simple and sometimes require surgery. Simple extractions are done to tooth that are visible. Surgical procedures are required for teeth that are invisible. Invisible teeth include partially erupted tooth, un erupted tooth, tooth broken at gum line.

Tooth Extraction procedure at URS Dental may take from 5 to 7 days. First your tooth is carefully examined and an extraction plan is devised based on the severity of the condition. After careful extraction of the tooth stitches may be used depending on the amount of bleeding. It may take up to a week for healing process to complete.

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