A dental veneer is an ultrathin sheet made of porcelain or composite material and is generally in the natural tooth colour. This is cemented over the surface of your teeth to correct dental issues like worn-out tooth enamel, irregular spacing, tooth discolouration, chips and cracks. These fall under cosmetic dentistry procedure which help in makeover of smile and shapely teeth. Use of dental veneers eliminate the need for other extensive treatments. Veneers installed are durable and they eliminate any sort of tooth removal procedures. To determine if veneer procedure suits you, you will be thoroughly evaluated by our expert dentist and all available options are discussed in-depth. Treatment done to your tooth for veneer preparation is irreversible. So, all the available alternatives are discussed and upon final decision made by you our dentist will proceed. You can actively participate in the smile design process by choosing the length, colour and shape of your veneer.

Irrespective of the causes for unattractive teeth, dental veneers can solve the following problems

Worn Enamel:

Tooth enamel can be worn out due to various reasons such as genetic predisposition, excessive consumption of soft drinks, tea, coffee, smoking, due to use of certain medications and also natural timely decay. Veneers act as the perfect solution for all such problems and helps you customise your smile as per your requirements.

Wear & Tear:

As we age our teeth begin to wear down naturally and are more likely to have chips and cracks in them. With the use of veneers, the natural and youthful appearance of your teeth can be restored.

Uneven Teeth:

Uneven teeth are formed as a result of gnashing of teeth and also due to natural wear and tear. This may to lead to malocclusion (bite related problems). This can be fixed by using dental veneers.


We can correct tooth discolouration by the process of teeth whitening. However, in cases of stubborn tooth discolouration teeth whitening is not effective. For such cases dental veneers offer a perfect and simple solution.

The dental veneer procedure at URS Dental is typically a two-visit process over the course of six weeks. During these comprehensive visits which are usually scheduled for several hours you will be examined and your teeth will be prepared for the procedure by our expert team of dentists. We also offer services such as sedation veneer dentistry, massages and other spa like treatments in our expertly modelled premises. During the process your teeth are closely examined for any oral health issues that needed to be fixed first and when ready your teeth are shaped and remodelled using state of the art equipment and then the veneer of your recommendations is cemented onto your teeth.

Recovery and post procedural care

Our dental veneers are durable and even last for several years before any replacement is required. However, after care is extremely required. You should avoid chewing hard objects like nuts and bones and never use your teeth to rip open packages. Use of non-abrasive tooth paste is recommended. Since our veneers are highly polishable the risk of getting stained is minimised although we recommend you to brush your teeth after consumption of any stain causing foods or beverages.

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Minimal Irritation

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